Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Long Lost Friend: Leopard Coat

Remember back in my post on Sept. 3rd how I said that there were two fabulous coats that I wanted to wear but it's now too warm to wear them? Well, here is the second one.

A beautiful faux-leopard coat.


When I was younger, say around 7 or 8-years-old, I had the most fabulous faux seal and leopard coat that I wore to special occasions (the theatre). I loved it, and then I grew out of it. It was so sad! That coat was beautiful. Ever since I've been dying for a beautiful faux leopard coat, and I finally found one of ebay the other week.

This coat was handmade by the seller's mother in the early 60s, and when it arrived I could tell. It's beautifully made, but needed some TLC because the thread was falling apart. It is warm and fluffy and fabulous. And it has 3/4 sleeves for an extra bit of 60s glamour.

I had to fix some of the seams and take up the bottom as the hem had fallen down. I'm also gonna add some buttons, so it's can possibly be my coat for Canada in Dec (though the 3/4 sleeves are turning me off that - it'll be too cold!). 

Well, I just wanted to share my other new purchase. I adore it, it's just too HOT!

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