Monday, September 6, 2010

Stained Glass

Back in Toronto I lived in the most beautiful house. It was build in 1888 right on a cliff overlooking Lake Ontario. Since then, the highway went in, so it's now on King Street (one of the main streets of down town Toronto). When we got the house, we were told that in the 50s there was a fire, and two of the three original stain glass windows was destroyed. The replicas were pretty good, but this original window was just extraordinary. The lead was so thick and the colours were so vibrant. It was absolutely beautiful (The whole house was beautiful).

My thoughts go out to those in Christchurch today. I was talking to one of the actors in "The Schelling Point" and his sister's beautiful old home from 1888 has been destroyed. Well, not dramatically, but the chimneys fell through (the only part of the house that wasn't reinforced).  It was the old residence of the Govenor General, and when the Queen came she would stay in that beautiful home. All those beautiful old buildings of the "New London" are now gone. An era of architecture erased. It's so sad. But lucky that no one was hurt. Our hearts are with all those in Christchurch as they begin to pick up their lives again.

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