Friday, September 3, 2010

I was glad it was a cold spring day

I think I'm the only one in Australia who is happy when it gets a wee bit cold. I love winter clothes, it's the Canadian in me. Earlier this week I was a little upset that the weather turned nice - I loved having my legs in the sun, but I have 2 new winter coats that were now pointless in this lovely Australian spring weather. Then, an amazing weather change happened. It got cold! Yay! The coats could come out and shine their way through the drizzly day.

Here is the first of 2 amazing new purchases from ebay. It's a 1970s suede shearling vintage coat with embroidered detailing. It's beautiful. I've been dying for a shearling coat for years, and I found one on ebay a few weeks back and lost the auction. I was devastated. Then one week later this beauty popped up and I snatched it for only $30! It needs a bit of TLC (there are some seems that have split), but overall it's in beautiful condition.

I wore it today into the city with my favourite pair of cowboy boots (a staple of mine). It was amazing how many looks I got. It was either because I looked incredibly out of place in my winter coat on the 2nd day of spring, or because it was fabulous. I like to think it was the latter.


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