Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blue Fringe Corset

Another corset down! This one is my favourite, I think. A gorgeous baby blue satin with lace panels down the front and lace trim emphasizing the lines of the corset. Adorning the top are blue ruffles with baby blue rosettes, and the bottom has a stunning fringe! It does up at the front with satin ribbon. I've also "blinged" the front of the corset with sequins and beads so it has a wee bit of a sparke in true burlesque form. To compliment this piece for "my line" will be a pair of fringe undies and gloves. Eek, how exciting!

I wore this baby to The Peel (a burlesque show for burlesque "virgin" performers) and it was a show stopper. Photos of the finished corset should be up on Facebook soon. The MC also wore my gorgeous World Dress I made for The Schelling Point last year. I got a great shout out and the publicity was unreal. 


P.S. I found purple feathers, so I could finally finish my cover-up! I also bought some amazing patterned chiffon fabric off of Etsy this weekend - lips, bows and mosaic tiles. More cover-ups with great feather fringes are on the way!!

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