Thursday, April 7, 2011

Burlesque Soldier Costume

I've been inspired for another burlesque costume! A soldier costume - red satin corset with gold braiding and a red feather skirt, with body armor epaulettes.

I was inspired by Outsapop's post on leather body harnesses and found the most stunning brass body armor on the Etsy store, binkaminka by Inta Rigava (She's also designed the most stunning "bear claw" epaulette armor). I've been wanting to make epaulettes for a while, but got so bored with all of the current fashion trends that include them. They've just been overused! But these harnesses and armor take the cake! They take the idea and turn into high fashion! I'm just trying to figure out how they stay on your shoulders. Fashion tape?

I've also had this gorgeous blood red feather boa on the floor of my room for a few weeks since a friend left it. It's the most gorgeous shade of red - perfect for a soldiers costume! I'll just need to track down a second boa to match (or in black) so I can make the feather skirt like my Candy Stripe Circus Costume.

So using both the inspiration from the armor and the feather boa, I've designed this:

I just keep on thinking of my soldier costume when I was 10 in the Nutcracker. Quite a different take - but still that little tin soldier.

I'm excited to start - hopefully I get off my ass and actually make this thing.

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