Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prom Time

Over in North America (my home land), young high school graduates are preparing themselves for the most important night in their short lives - their Prom. I had a prom, I was actually the organizer of my Prom and I did it old school style. We decked out our school gym in large curtains, fairy lights, and a massive dance floor, with 20 tables to seat all the grade 11s and 12s. Caterers and photographers were brought in to make the night rememberable, and every girl got a white rose when she walked through the door (my touch). It was a gorgeous night, although I don't remember much. We had hidden a bottle of vodka in the girls bathroom and kept swigging it. By the time I had to make my speech I had to cut it short in hopes that I wouldn't have to stand for too long.

My prom dress was a beautiful dress from 1910 that was given to me by my Mother's best friend. It was a GORGEOUS dress, and very different. Black chiffon with a high neck, empire waist line, a slit down the back and a fish tail. I had to wear nipple covers because it was see-through. Ooh, scandalous! My favourite bit of the dress was the fishtail, but by the end of the night my steel heeled stilletos had made a nice gash through the hem. Darnit! Easy fish, though - it was through the seam.

I was so particular about having this event be a TRUE PROM that I even held a fashion show a few months before hand to inform girls what was "formal attire" and what was "semi-formal attire". It always bugged me that girls wore semi-formal dresses to their formal! They're too different things! Boys dress differently, why don't girls! arg...

So here I go again, informing y'all what a perfect prom dress should be. My idea of the perfect prom dress are those gorgeous 1960s full skirted dresses. They're classic, beautiful and incredibly flattering on any shape. There is an amazing store on Etsy that sells the most perfect examples of these dresses called VintageVortex. Please check it out - the skirts on those babies are the biggest I've ever seen!!! I love them and wish I had a reason to buy one and wear it.

Vintage 1950's 50s Strapless PINK Embroidered Tulle Lace Party Prom Wedding DRESS

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