Friday, April 29, 2011

Blue Fringe Corset

The newest corset by Missing James is now FINISHED! This one was easy peasy - I must be getting good at this! The whole corset is made out of a gorgeous baby blue satin with a white lace panels down the front bordered by blue lace trim to emphasize the line of the body. Blue ruffles adorn the top and blue fringe adorns the bottom. It looks great when dancing! The fringe goes crazy! Sequins and beads add a little shine to the garment - perfect for a presence onstage.

Knickers to match will be made soon, however this garment won't be listed onto Etsy until I finish the photoshoot.

P.S. The Lovely Lauren LaRouge wore a dress I designed for her last year to The Peel on Wednesday. She looked stunning in it! And it helped with publicity big time! Thanks, darling.

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