Thursday, April 14, 2011

A ONE STOP SHOP: Missing James on Etsy

Missing James' Etsy store is now turning into a one stop burlesque shop! To compliment the range of beautiful handmade corsets, I'm beginning to expand my line. I'll be making nipple tassels/pasties, bloomers, bras, panties and cover-ups and I've started to collect vintage items such as gloves, hats and jewelry to help girls create overall looks for their performances. The idea is that you can get everything you need to create a burlesque outfit in the one place. This will take a while, as things need to be made and you can only be lucky when it comes to finding fantastic vintage items, but in the end I think it'll work much better than the corsets alone. The corsets are just too expensive, and then it's hard to decide what to pair them with. A skirt? A dress? Frilly undies? And then the problem is matching things. So if I begin to create more "outfits" like the Candy Stripe Circus Costume, and items to compliment things already listed, it'll be much easier for shoppers. (Also, bloomers, bras, undies and pasties are MUCH easier to make than corsets, and much more versatile. )

So what's coming into Missing James? Well, as stated above and already on the website, nipple pasties and tassels are being added to the range. These will be made to match items already in store, but are versatile enough that they can be bought separately and paired with stuff you already own. Bloomers will also compliment corsets. Bras and undies will come in too - specifically fringe and feather versions. These will be more fun and fantastic for stage performers (as normal people probably won't buy feathers for the bedroom). Feather cover-ups to match corsets will also be included (I have the most fantastic fabric!)

Tutus are still available for custom order. One will be listed up online soon, but as they take even longer to make than a corset, they will be quite rare.

Vintage items will complete the whole collection. I'm looking for adorable gloves, little hats and fascinators, and sparkly SPARKLY costume jewelry. A girl always needs to accessorize!

So keep watching my ETSY store for new items! They're almost popping up daily!
Soon to come, a pink underbust corset with matching bloomers, more nipple pasties, and the Soldier Costume.

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