Monday, April 25, 2011


I got inspired. By Frou Frou, by Hopeless Lingerie, and by many more inspirations found through internet searches and books. I've designed the basis of a line - not just bits and pieces thrown together. There's a photoshoot concept (even an idea for a location) and 10 "looks" to pull off. About half of them are based on work currently finished - like the apricot corset, tie dye corset, la vie en rose corset, circus burlesque costume, mermaid corset and the cover-up. More cover-ups and corsets have been designed along with bloomers, undies, dresses, play suits and even a tutu. It'll be set in a plain room (a studio) with an antique chair, a white bird cage and an antique picture frame with the Missing James postcard in it.

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