Wednesday, April 20, 2011


During my morning blog walk I came across this gorgeous silk and chiffon camisole from Hopelesslingerie, and then was forwarded to the blog that accompanies the company. The designer behind the brand is a "home designer" like myself, trying to start up a small lingerie business. Her blog, Spokes 'n' Daggers, explains how to set up your own clothing business step by step. It's very informative and has given me loads of inspiration and thought. I do suggest you check it all out - her work is stunning!

One of the main blog posts that really struck me was "Presenting your product." Her photographs on the blog and on the shop website are just stunning, and really makes me think I need to step up my game. Unfortunately, I'm a bit restricted to time, money and locations. I do have photoshoots organized (like my Marie Antoinette photoshoot), but they're not to the same scale as Hopelesslingerie, and they're not frequent enough.

I'm going to continue to follow her work and use her as an inspiring figure in the "small fashion business" industry. The main difference between her work and mine is that hers is a range with stock, as mine is all one-of-a-kind work (except for the nipple tassels and pasties). I'll take some of her advice and use it - hopefully that makes my work a little more professional.

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