Monday, May 10, 2010

Button and Pearl Thigh High Socks

Remember my post on finding the button goldmine? Well, my second project after the headband was an embellished pair of thigh high socks with gold buttons and pearls. I was inspired by the blog Park&Cube and her amazing DIY Cloud Bubble Stockings on TwentyThirtyForty (Both Park&Cube and TwentyThirtyForty are new blogs that I found that EVERYONE should follow).

These socks are simple.

Step 1: Find a pair of socks. They can be thigh high, knee high,, white, grey, rainbow...your choice. You can even dye them, like on Park&Cube.

Step 2: Find buttons, beads, pearls, ribbons, etc. to sew onto the socks.

Step 3: Sew your buttons/beads/pearls onto the socks. I kept mine on the outside of the leg up near the knee. I kept the bottom of the leg pretty clear of any embellishment just in case if I want to wear them with boots.

Step 4: Wear your amazing DIY socks.

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