Sunday, May 9, 2010

Button Socks with Jeffery Campbells

I've been DYING for a pair of Jeffery Campbell leopard booties for many many months. I was searching and searching all over the internet for a pair in size 5.5, and of course, they were all sold out or WAY overpriced. Finally, a pair popped up and I had to grab them as soon as I could. They arrived only recently in the mail and I'm absolutely in LOVE <3 with them. After my photo shoot (see previous post) I'm in love with my wild hair, so I decided to do my own photo shoot. I'm wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs black and blue "pinwheel" lace dress, socks that I made (a post will follow for a DIY project) and my Jeffery Campbells. Now, the lever on my tripod is broken, so that's why the camera is in shot with me and I'm doing them through a mirror - but I think it's fab.




P.S. I love photo editing.

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