Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Simple 'Easy as Pie' ANIMAL PRINT Bead Headband

The Simple 'Easy as Pie' Button Headband was SO simple to make, and fun, that I decided to do a second. I had these animal print beads left over from the good ol' days of high school, and seeing as I'm now obsessed with leopard print and other animal prints, I decided to make a second headband. Now, I found the beads, but you could easily make them. Just get white, black or yellow beads, a small brush and some black paint. The prints on these beads were painted on, so you can do it too. I added a little bow for a feminine touch.

I keep all my embellishments to one side of the headband, but I've been kicking myself for not having enough beads to extend along the whole length of the headband. Just glue where you feel is comfortable and works well.

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