Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Prepackaged DIY Stud Bracelet

Pre-made DIY projects can be a great find. At spotlight I was searching and searching for gold studs (didn't come accross any), but I came across this DIY Bracelet packet. It contained 20 gold stud beads and some elastic. I thought it was just a pack of plastic studs, but when I brought it home and opened it up, I found out it made a bracelet! Now these packs had all sorts of different colours and shapes for different studded gold/bronze/silver bracelets. They are so easy to make and have all the instructions on the back of the packet. I encourage you, if you are at bit DIY creatively-challenged, to go pick up these packs. These types of bracelets are selling for $20 at a clothing store. Here, you pay $5 and make it yourself in 1 minute!

These bracelet packs are called Arbee "Make a Bracelet," and I found them at spotlight. I wish I bought more packets in different colours! They're GGRRRRRRRREAT!

These studs are so great that I originally had them for a T-shirt with embellished shoulders project. I bought 2 packets, so I can still use the other for the t-shirt project. They are the 3 in a row studs, and could be sewn to anything easily to create that punk, studded look really easy.

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