Thursday, May 27, 2010

DIY Vivienne Westwood Bunny Skirt

Remember in Sex And The City when Carrie comes back to New York for a few days after spending a weekend in the country with Aidan? She goes out to dinner with Big and then walks home and gets frightened by a squirrel? Do you remember her outfit? It's one of my favourites! She's wearing an emerald green Vivienne Westwood Bunny Skirt. In the whole series she wore this skirt twice - once in emerald green, and once in orange with feathers. I can't find a photo of the emerald skirt, but you remember it, right?

Well, last year I decided to make my own. And then I decided that I should share it with y'all today. It was my friend's 21st Birthday and she asked everyone to show up in black, so I made a black version of the skirt, and in true Carrie style, I made a flower to match. Here are photos taken before the party with my dear friend, Meg.


  • Mini-skirt to use as template (Don't worry, you won't cut it up)
  • 1.5m Fabric (I used polyester silk in black)
  • 1-2m Organza
  • buttons
  • Sewing Machine
Step 1: Draw out a patter using an exising mini skirt as a template. You may also wish to measure yourself around the waist, hips and thighs, then divide that measurement in half. You'll have 1 peice for the front, and 2 pieces for the back. Remember to add at least 1 inch to each the back pieces so your bum can fit. Leave 1-2cm of extra fabric on the side for seam allowances.

Step 2: Sew your skirt together. Down the sides, and the back. You can either put in a zipper or use buttons at the back to keep the skirt closed. 

Step 3: Divide the organza into little puff balls. Hand sew each puff ball in an arrangement that looks like a bunny tail. The top bundles should be longer so they stick up, and the bottom should be dense to keep the bunny tail pointing up. The sides can be short too to create a rounded shape. Sew generously so each bundle is secure.

To make the flower, cut awkward circles and hem the edges using a sewing machine. BEcause they are circular, the machine stitching will make it wonky by default. Use a button for the centre, and sew sparkly beads to look like dew drops on the "petals." Simply use a safety-pin to tack it onto a shirt, or go out and get an alligator pin and sew/glue onto the back of the flower. Easy peasy.



  1. how do you know its called the bunny skirt? i own one in black and wanted more info on it. its def. made b4 they year 2000/ would appreciate if u could get back to me. ps your diy one is fab!!!!

  2. I really don't know if it's called the Bunny Skirt, I just think it's looks like a bunny tail.

  3. Oh my goodness I have been searching for the Carrie "Bunny Skirt" forever! Love your diy version,so cute!