Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"j'adore" T-shirt

One of the best things about living in Australia is the store SDS. It sells basic t-shirts for $3 and is absolutely FANTASTIC! I bought a heap the other day and I'm "decorating" them individually.

Today I felt like being french and decided to do a "j'adore" t-shirt. To do this, I stitched the word into the t-shirt using yarn.

- 1 plain t-shirt
- yarn, any colour you wish
- big needle
- a computer
- a printer
- sewing pins

Step 1: Get a plain t-shirt.

Step 2: Make a template of what you want to have on your t-shirt. It could be a design or a word, and can be done in Photoshop or Word, in any font you like. I chose to do mine in Word because it takes 3 seconds to write and print. I wrote "j'adore" in the Jellyka, Saint-Andrew's Queen font, that I downloaded of www.dafont.com .

Step 3: Print out your template.

Step 4: Pin your template onto your t-shirt.

Step 5: Set up your yarn and needle. You'll need a big needle, like an upholstery needle, for the yarn. This does make a big hole in the shirt, though, so your stitches have to be pretty wide apart. But because the holes are so big, you can use the same hole again when you back-track.

Step 6: Following your template, stitch along the lines of the text. Use running stitches, and then backtrack to fill in the spaces. Now, this was a bit difficult because the jersey is so flexible. You may find that it shifts under the paper you've pinned on. To keep this from happening too much, make sure you really pin down the paper, and you try to be really accurate where you place the needle.

Step 7: Rip off the paper to see what you've stitched.

Step 7: Continue with the rest of the pattern. You can change the colours of yarn you use for some effects. I chose to make a heart to dot the "j" for a cute effect.

It's a cute little project that is quick and easy to do. I'll be updating with a few more T-shirt projects over the next few weeks because I have so many t-shirts to use up! 

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