Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swarovski stones for Blingin' Headphones

Today the Swarovski crystals for my Blingin' Headphones finally arrived. I bought them off an American website called Rhinestone Biz. Great deal! 144 crystals for US$9. That's about half price to what Aussie companies were charging for the same thing. The only issue is that I didn't think 576 crystals was so little. I'll probably only be able to bling the ear pieces and leave the head-strap. But that's all fine. I can do the ear pieces, wear it out, and if I want to bling the rest of it I can. I chose to do multi-colours, so it doesn't matter if I bling bits earlier or later. I also bought an awesome glue called Gem-Tac that will work wonders with this project. It's multi-purpose glue specializing in glueing gems onto fabrics!

I can't wait to get started on gluing, but I may have too. This week is super busy with production meetings and I even got a job working at Fashion Weekend. So it may have to sit on my desk, mocking me, for at least 1 week. Or I'll get started on it tomorrow in my spare hour.

For tools I have a pair of hooked tweezers that will help me pick up those teeny-tiny crystals and place them perfectly on the earpiece, and a syringe that will help me put the perfect tiniest amount of Gem-Tac on the bottom of the stone so it doesn't ooze when I adhere it, but stays strong. These are tricks I learnt from model making, and the issue of working with tiny objects.

I'll continue to update on the project so y'all get an understanding of the process, so maybe, you could one day make your own set of Blingin' Headphones.

Happy Gluing!

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