Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flower Headband

In my last post I updated y'all on my ideas for upcoming DIY projects. Well, I finished one (because  I have no life.)

Remember the awesome pink flower headband I found on Facehunter? I was so inspired by it that I decided to make my own. Unfortunately, it's not how I imagined it would turn out. The flowers I chose were too bright and too big. But it's still fun for dress up.

  • Bouquet of fake flowers of your choice (I chose large carnations)
  • Headband, preferably covered in fabric
  • Needle and thread

Step 1: Pull the flower head off the plastic stem.

Step 2: Take the green bottom of the flower and pull the flower apart.

You should be left with the fabric layers only.

Step 3: Lay all layers on top of one and other and sew them together with an X.

Step 4: Fold the flower in half and sew over the fold.

Step 5: Fold the flower the other way and repeat step 4 in the opposite direction. You will end up with a 3D Flower, instead of 5 flat layers.

Step 6: Sew the flower onto the headband. You'll need quite a few stitches to keep it sturdy so it doesn't flop over. 

Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 five times to fill up the whole headband with flowers.

As I said before, this project didn't turn out how I wished it would have. But if you use smaller flowers, and maybe more expensive ones, it might look a lot better. It just looks like Dr. Zhivago on acid at Woodstock! It's not as elegant as my example from Face Hunter.


  1. Yup, looks like something the human I live with might make me wear!
    Joking aside, I'm loving all your tuts!