Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shredded T

As stated in my birthday post I've been working on a shredded T-shirt, inspired by Raquel Allegra and OutsaPop. It's very simple to do. All you need is your fingers and an jersey t-shirt.

Step 1: Unpick the bottom hem. 

Step 2: Find the bottom most thread of the jersey knit and pull.

Step 3: Keep pulling. It's fast work with your fingers. Try not to break the threads, but it's not an issue if you do. It'll just make a hole. Go as wide as you want with your first threads and continue that width as you move up the shirt. 


It creates a very Punk DIY  look, and is so easy to do! Childhood Flames has a "How To" video that helps explain the technique.

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