Friday, May 7, 2010

The Lost Search for Vintage Treasures

I read the New York Times everyday on the internet, and today I found a very interesting article about the different types of thrift/vintage stores, Prospecting in Manhattan’s Richest Vintage Veins. Shops are now making it easier for customers to find amazing vintage treasures, but with that comes a big price tag. I'd rather do the work, thank you very much. That's why I started getting into vintage clothes in the beginning. It's the bliss of finding that treasure out of all the trash. I'd rather not walk into a store and find that I want everything. It just makes me go broke faster. I remember the days (yes, and I'm only 22) when I could walk into a thrift store and find a pair of used Ferragamos for $5. And a vintage Versace skirt was only $50, not $250.

A plea from customers to used clothing stores - please don't make it easier for us. It just takes the fun out of vintage shopping.

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