Sunday, May 9, 2010

Melbourne Tram Cushions

I used to live in Melbourne when I went to university, and I really miss it dearly. Everytime I go back I walk up Sydney Rd. and pass these really cute Melbourne Tram cushions in a window of a store. I always say I'm gonna buy the #19 tram cushion because that was the tram I used to take. Now, I follow this AMAZING site called Made It, and I found these tram cushions at Mrs. Bekinsale's store at MrsBeckinsale on madeit. Go check it out. She also has the most adorable vintage print pins that I'm planning on getting as well.

Made It is fantastic! It's "the handmade market open all day every day" where designers and crafters can buy and sell their handmade items on the internet! I was planning on joining it for selling the felted Missing James line, but then I couldn't afford to actually buy in bulk cardigans and boots to felt and then sell online. But on this website you can find everything from handmade ceramic buttons to home spun wool to fabric to handmade jewelry. It's a beautiful site with beautiful stuff. There is also a Made It blog that coincides with the market website which spotlights different designers and crafts. Go check it out!

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